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Everything in Music Since 1958
Everything in Music Since 1958
Just arrived - CHUCKSCLUSIVE PRS Wood Library Guitars!

Just arrived - CHUCKSCLUSIVE PRS Wood Library Guitars!

Meet our CHUCKSCLUSIVE PRS Wood Library McCarty 594 in Dirty Blonde Finish

Carefully Crafted by the Chuck Levin's Guitar Team

Our CHUCKSCLUSIVE Wood Library guitars bring you features often reserved for PRS Private Stock models. This particular guitar was spec’d by our guitar team to bring you a Wood Library McCarty 594 that truly stands apart. The guitar features a “Dirty Blonde” finish over an Artist Grade Flame top, paired with a beautiful Swamp Ash back. This unique finish combines the iconic richness of Tiger Eye with a subtle olive gold hue, creating a striking and luxurious appearance. The neck is crafted from exquisitely figured maple and topped with a Brazilian rosewood fretboard, providing a smooth and refined playing experience.

About the McCarty 594

The McCarty 594 is a versatile, vintage-inspired instrument that is effortlessly playable. Featuring a bound 22-fret Pattern Vintage neck and a slightly thicker back for enhanced tone and sustain, the McCarty 594 plays in tune, is intonated the entire length of the neck, and feels like a guitar you’ve been playing forever. Whether you are looking for rich, authentic humbucking tones or nuanced, sweet single-coil sounds, the McCarty 594 can seamlessly master both sonic territories thanks to its 58/15 LT pickups, which have now been through the TCI (tuned capacitance and inductance) process, and dual volume and push/pull tone controls. A zinc two-piece bridge and vintage-style tuners anchor this guitar and stay true to the promise of the McCarty family.

In the late 1980s, Paul Reed Smith called on Ted McCarty to consult with him on guitar design and production techniques. He not only served as a mentor but became a great friend of Paul and everyone he met at PRS. In 1994, PRS released the first McCarty, an instrument that incorporated the full spectrum of techniques and knowledge Paul had gained from Ted as well as his own experiences as a guitar builder.

“One of my sayings is that everything that touches the string is God – well, that’s really the bridge, the nut, and the tuners. The updates to the McCarty family make a huge difference in their tone. The guitar sustains longer and the tone has more character,” said Paul Reed Smith.

What Makes a Wood Library Instrument Special?

Tucked away upstairs in a corner of PRS’s 85,000 square foot factory are racks of extraordinary wood, including maple, mahogany, korina, rosewood, and swamp ash. This area, known as the “Wood Library,” allows dealers to select unique combinations of woods for special runs of instruments.

Discover the unparalleled craftsmanship and timeless sound of the PRS Wood Library McCarty 594 in Dirty Blonde, available exclusively through Chuck Levin's. Embrace a piece of guitar history while enjoying the modern playability and superior tonal versatility that only PRS can deliver.

 Only 10 of these guitars will be available, and the first 6 just landed in the shop - so come check 'em out quick!!

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