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Everything In Music Since 1958
Everything In Music Since 1958
Meet the latest from Moog - Spectravox!

Meet the latest from Moog - Spectravox!

Introducing the Moog Spectravox: The Future of Analog Sound Sculpting 

Ladies and gentlemen, gearheads and synth enthusiasts, brace yourselves for a new era in sound design. Meet the Spectravox, the latest addition to the Moog semi-modular family. This isn't just another synthesizer—it's a revolution in analog spectral processing that promises to reshape your sonic landscape.

Unleash the Power of the 10-Band Filter Bank

The Spectravox is built around a powerful 10-band filter bank, creating everything from rich, resonant drones to vibrant, psychedelic tonal sweeps. Whether you're looking to add depth to your sound or explore new realms of audio manipulation, this instrument delivers with unprecedented versatility. Plug in a microphone, and it transforms into a 10-band analog vocoder, bringing innovative modulation to all its filters. This isn’t just an expansion—it's a reimagining of what a vocoder and filter bank can be.

A Nod to the Classics, a Leap into the Future

Let's dive into the history for a moment. Synthesists have been manipulating the spectrum of sound since the 1960s with the Moog 907 Fixed Filter Bank. The Spectravox takes this concept and launches it into the stratosphere. Unlike its predecessors, the filters in the Spectravox aren’t fixed. They dynamically shift across the frequency spectrum, enabling otherworldly voltage-controlled spectral animation and vibrant, phaser-like sweeps. Imagine 10 filters whose variable resonance can morph from subtle precision to shimmering choral effects. That’s the kind of transformative power we’re talking about.

More Than Just a Synthesizer

At its core, the Spectravox is a standalone synthesizer voice with a thick analog Moog oscillator and white noise generator. But it doesn’t stop there. With a combo XLR/jack program input, it morphs into a 10-band vocoder with a secondary filter bank for analyzing the spectral makeup of incoming sounds. In VOCODER mode, its 10 analysis filters can map the timbral characteristics of any external sound onto any other sound you can dream up. Picture shaping the warm analog oscillator with the dynamics of your voice or using a drum machine to animate guitar chords in a mesmerizing broadband percussive space. The possibilities are endless.

Innovating with Inspiration

Drawing inspiration from the pioneering vocoding work of Bob Moog and Wendy Carlos in the late 1960s, Spectravox is a homage to the past while firmly planting its feet in the future. It uses 10 state-variable filters, all of which can be shifted with its internal triangle wave LFO or external control voltage. The Hiss and Buzz functionality, reminiscent of the Moog 16 Channel Vocoder, allows you to emphasize vowel sounds, blending history with cutting-edge technology.

Integration and Exploration

What truly sets the Spectravox apart is its integration capability. With patch points for each filter in the filter bank and included patch cables, you can scramble the frequency spectrum and create wonderfully unpredictable textures. Add analog warmth and subtle phasing to digital synthesizers, or seamlessly integrate it with other Moog semi-modular instruments or Eurorack modules. The extensive patch bay offers control over almost all its parameters, making the Spectravox a boundary-pushing instrument that invites endless creative exploration.

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