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Everything in Music Since 1958
Everything in Music Since 1958
Meet the Mesa Boogie Limited Edition John Petrucci JP-2C 1x12 Combo

Meet the Mesa Boogie Limited Edition John Petrucci JP-2C 1x12 Combo

Introducing the New Limited Edition JP-2C 1x12 Combo: A Masterpiece from MESA Boogie

At Chuck Levin's, we're thrilled to offer the latest addition to our Mesa Boogie offerings - the limited edition JP-2C 1x12 Combo. This powerhouse amp, inspired by our 40-year relationship with the guitar virtuoso John Petrucci, brings the iconic MARK IIC+ performance into a compact and versatile package.

Unmatched Simplicity and Performance

The JP-2C 1x12 Combo embodies the spirit of simplicity in design, much like a finely tuned race car or fighter jet. Stripping down to the bare essentials, it delivers the most aggressive, purest sounding IIC+ tones in a versatile format. Whether you're recording in the studio or performing on stage, this amp provides the highest headroom Clean sounds and two Boogie Lead Channels that cover tight, grinding rhythms to searing solos.

Channel Breakdown: Pure Tone Versatility

Channel 1: Dedicated to Clean

Optimized for maximum headroom, Channel 1 delivers pristine clean tones. The 100/60-watt power section allows for some overdrive at high volumes, and the powerful MID control offers a cleaner gain boost for added versatility.

Channel 2: The Crunch Generator

Channel 2, derived from the original MARK IIC+ Lead Channel, is perfect for aggressive, tight rhythm sounds. With its dedicated EQ and SHRED Mode, it allows for ultimate precision and flexibility, making it a go-to for crunchy rhythms and lead sounds.

Channel 3: High Gain Sustain and Explosive Attack

Designed for soaring lead tones, Channel 3 offers blistering sustain and harmonic complexity. The 100-watt Class A/B power section provides a warm, fat, and compressed sound, perfect for high-gain solos.

Feature-Rich and User-Friendly

The JP-2C 1x12 Combo boasts a range of features that enhance its usability and performance:

  • 100/60-Watt Power Switch: Adaptable for different venues and playing styles, this switch increases versatility and power tube life.
  • Pull Gain and Pull Presence: These features provide additional control over gain and top-end frequencies, tailored to your playing style.
  • Dual 5-Band Graphic EQs: Each high-gain channel has its own EQ, allowing for precise tonal shaping.
  • Reverb and FX Loop: Channel-independent, footswitchable reverb and a fully buffered, tube-driven effects loop offer greater control and flexibility.
  • CABCLONE™ D.I. and Headphone Out: Perfect for direct recording or silent practice, these features capture the full amp sound without needing a mic.

Built for the Modern Guitarist

The JP-2C 1x12 Combo is designed for today's demanding guitarist. Its all-tube design, featuring 4x 6L6 power tubes and 5x 12AX7 preamp tubes, ensures exceptional power, punch, and clarity. The proprietary Celestion Custom 90 12” Speaker delivers impeccable tone, while the 3x3, 6-button footswitch provides seamless control over channels and features.

Built in Petaluma, California, by legendary MESA Amp Designer Randall Smith, the JP-2C 1x12 Combo stands as a testament to MESA Boogie's commitment to quality and innovation. This amp is more than just a piece of gear; it's a tool for creative expression, offering the ultimate in tone, feel, and performance.

Click here to shop JP-2C at Chuck Levin's!


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