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Mesa/Boogie Mark VII Guitar Amplifier Head

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Visionary Amp Design and Versatility - The Mesa/Boogie Mark VII Guitar Amplifier Head

The MARK VII™ is the versatile culmination of Randall Smith’s 50+ year career of visionary amp design and brings that knowledge, history, innovation, and performance into the simplest, most versatile, and smallest full-powered Mark Series amplifier ever. Iconic Boogie circuits and familiar features have been reexplored, enhanced, and melded with new voices and tools in an easy layout for players to use to dial in inspirational tones, experience the ultimate responsiveness/feel of tube amplification, and simply enjoy playing. Within the Mark VII’s 3 Channel, 9 Mode preamp are the iconic circuits of the Mark IIB™, Mark IIC+™, and Mark IV™, the legendary Mark Series Clean, Fat, and Crunch modes, and a new modern high-gain Mode, full of character and attitude - more shredding than previous Mark amps and more vocal than a Recto - aptly named the Mark VII.

  • 3 Independent Channels
  • 9 Mode Preamp
  • All-New Compact Design
  • 2 All-New Modes: Mark VII and the Legendary Mark IIb Sound
  • Legendary Simul-Class™ Multi-Watt™ Power: 25, 45, or 90 Watts per Channel
  • Direct Recording and/or Silent Play with Onboard Cabclone™ IR: Featuring 8 Mesa® Cab IRS
  • Use 6L6 or EL34 Power Tubes
  • Midi Controllable for Flexible Rig Integration

Channels & Modes

  • Ch.1: Clean, Fat, or Crunch
  • Ch.2: Fat, Crunch, or Mark VII™
  • Ch.3: Mark IIB™, Mark IIC+™, or Mark IV™

Controls & Switching

  • Independent 3-Position Style Mode Switch Graphic EQ Assignment Switch (On, Off, or Footswitchable) Patented Watt Multi-Watt™ 90/45/25 Power Amp Switch Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, & Master Controls Reverb Control (Footswitchable) 8-Position CabClone IR Select Control (back-panel)
  • Independent 3-Position Style Mode Switch
  • Graphic EQ Assignment Switch (On, Off, or Footswitchable)
  • Patented Watt Multi-Watt™ 90/45/25 Power Amp Switch
  • Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, & Master Controls
  • Reverb Control (Footswitchable)
  • 8-Position CabClone IR Select Control (back-panel)

The Boogie® Five-Band Graphic EQ, at the heart of chart-topping guitar sounds since the 70s, appears again on this Mark Series amp and acts as a powerful footswitchable or channel assignable tone shaping tool. Add dimension & ambience to the tones you’ve dialed by blending in the ideal amount of lush, tube-driven, analog spring reverb with individual controls for each channel found on the front panel of the Mark VII. A seamless, footswitchable, tube-buffered, series effects loop provides an onboard patch point for effects between the preamp and power section.

Perfectly tailor the Mark VII’s power section to the tones you craft in the preamp using the patented Multi-Watt™ Channel Assignable Power combined with the exclusive Simul-Class™ power. Simul-Class simultaneously marries the efficiency and boldness of Class A/B operation with the warmth and smooth transition to clipping of Class A to create the ultimate in vintage tube tone with modern power and headroom. Choose between 90 Watts of high headroom/tight-tracking Simul-Class power, 45 watts of harmonically complex Class A Pentode power, or 25 watts of sweet, clip-able Class A Triode power. A Bias Select switch gives players the option of swapping out the 6L6 power tubes the VII ships with for EL34s.

CabClone IR Direct circuitry, developed in partnership with Two Notes, offers 8 popular MESA Rectifier & Boogie Cabinet Impulse Responses to choose from per Channel for great sounding, quick & easy to use Direct recording, live front-of-house interfacing, or listening with headphones. Its reactive load provides a natural feel as well as protection for the amp when employed in those places where cabinetry isn’t always ideal or feasible. The VII’s DI Section also covers players needing an unfiltered feed for re-amping purposes by providing a 1/4" Buffered Dry/Untreated Line Out.

The Mark VII employs MIDI Program Change and Control Change capabilities, enabling you to call up any one of the Channels with MIDI Program Change commands along with your processors that respond to MIDI for one-button convenience in live performance applications. A 6-button (3 x 3) footswitch ships with each amp, allowing players to channel switch and turn on or off their Reverb, FX Loop, and Graphic EQ.

MESA/Boogie’s exclusive Simul-Class™ Power Amp featuring Multi-Watt™ (Patent 7,602,927) with Incremental Wattage Reduction (Patent 9,917,560) which provide three power and two operating-class options that are channel assignable via 25/45/90 Watt Power Switches: Choose 2 power tubes operating in Class A Triode, producing 25 Watts: 2 tubes running in Class A Pentode, producing 45 Watts, or 4 tubes running in MESA/ Boogie’s legendary Simul-Class Power that blends the best of Class A and Class A/B simultaneously to produce 90 Watts of pure tonal magic.



  • Build Location: Built In Petaluma, CA
  • Wattage: Multi-Watt™: 25, 45, or 90 (Channel Assignable)
  • Preamp Tubes: 5x Mesa 12AX7
  • Power Tube Type: 4x Mesa 6L6 (or EL-34)
  • Channels & Modes: 3 Channels / 9 Modes
  • Mode Voicings/Styles: Ch. 1 = Clean, Fat, or Crunch Ch. 2 = Fat, Crunch, or Mark VII™ Ch. 3 = Mark IIB™, Mark IIC+™, or Mark IV™
  • Graphic EQ / Reverb / FX / Solo: Graphic EQ, Reverb, FX Loop, CabClone IR
  • Footswitchable Functions: Ch. 1, 2, 3, Reverb, FX Loop, & Graphic EQ
  • Chassis Material: Aluminum
  • Rectifier Type: Silicon Diodes
  • Bias Switch for Alternate Power Tube Types: Bias Select 6L6 or EL-34
  • Maintenance Free Fixed Bias: Yes
  • Wattage(s): 25, 45, or 90 Watts, Channel Assignable
  • Convection or Fan Cooling: Fan Cooled
  • Number of Footswitchable Channels (Or Modes): Three Channels
  • Number of Style Modes: Nine
  • Number of Style Modes per Channel: Three
  • Types of Style Modes per Channel: Ch. 1 = Clean, Fat, or Crunch Ch. 2 = Fat, Crunch, or Mark VII™ Ch. 3 = Mark IIB™, Mark IIC+™, or Mark IV™

Channel Controls

  • Each Channel features: Independent 3-Position Style Mode Switch, Graphic EQ Assignment Switch (On, Off or Footswitchable), Patented Watt Multi-Watt™ 90/45/25 Power Amp Switch, Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, & Master Controls, Reverb (Footswitchable) and an 8-Position CabClone IR Select Control (back-panel)
  • Graphic EQ and/or Contour: Selectable 5-Band Graphic EQ (Footswitchable, Channel Assignable or Off)
  • Reverb / Effects & Bypass Options: Footswitchable, All-Tube, Long Spring Reverb with Independent Channel Controls
  • Effects Loop & Bypass Options: Tube-Buffered FX Loop (Footswitchable)
  • External Switching Jack Options and/or Midi: Midi Switchable/Programmable via Control Change and Program Change messages, with 256 Preset Location (MIDI IN, MIDI Thru/Out, MIDI Channel, & Store Switches) – Controls Channels 1, 2, 3, Reverb, FX Loop, & Graphic EQ
  • Speaker Outputs: Two 8 Ohm and Two 4 Ohm
  • Cabinet Simulation / Direct Live/Recording Output: Built-in, channel assignable, MESA CabClone™ IR Cab Simulator featuring 8 MESA Cabinet IRs, USB Connection for IR transfers, Internal Amp Load for cabinet-free use, Input Level Control, IR Balanced XLR Direct Output, (Dry) Line Output (Uncompensated, +4db Direct Line Output for external cab sim/IR use, Re-Amping, etc.), Headphone Output, IR Output Level Control & Ground/Lift Switch
  • Internal Amp Load (for Speaker-Less Performance): Yes
  • Headphone Output: Yes


  • Footswitch: Included: 3x3: 6 Button Footswitch - Bottom Row: Ch. 1, Ch. 2, & Ch. 3; Top Row: Reverb, FX Loop, & Graphic EQ
  • Slipcover: Included: Fitted Slipcover

Cabinet Features

  • Cabinet Material: Marine Grade Baltic Birch

Weight & Dimensions

  • Weight: 40 Lbs. / 18.14 kg.
  • Height: 9 1/4" / 23.50 cm
  • Width: 18 3/4" / 47.63 cm
  • Depth: 10 7/8" / 27.62 cm

Manufacturer: Mesa Boogie
Model: 2.MK7.AB
SKU: I727785-N-3-WHXB
UPC: 809404078291

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