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19" Bell Barrier Mask For Woodwind And Brasswind Instruments

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Bell Barrier Mask For Woodwind And Brasswind Instruments, 19" - Single, Double, And Triple Layered

***Please measure the bell of your instrument (See Photo#2) to ensure a proper fit***

The Bell Barrier instrument cover is designed to prevent viral and bacterial pathogens from transmitting from the player, through the instrument to the surrounding musicians and audience members who are nearby. The material used to make the cover is unique. It is a GSM 45 weight, non-woven, non-stretching, polypropylene fabric specially sourced for this purpose. This material is the same as is used in laboratory clean rooms and non-surgical medical facilities. It is anti-microbial and machine washable. However, it must be air-dried and not put into a dryer. It is designed to seal with the bell without grasping around the bell tightly. By lying flush with the bell and being cut to all exact bell sizes, a strong seal is made. However, by not grasping the bell tightly, the Bell Barrier avoids restricting vibration, affecting intonation, causing discomfort, and creating significant sound degradation for the user. Three different layer configurations are available.

  • Acoustically Transparent – The Bell Barriers are 98% acoustically transparent, so there is very little sound loss. They work just like face masks in preventing the spread of airborne pathogens while playing.
  • Pull tab – All Bell Barriers have a sew-on tab for easy on/off with minimal touching of exposed areas.
  • Sizes – Bell Barrier instrument masks range in bell size diameters from 2 inches to 27 inches.



The Bell Barrier single layer cover is sufficient to capture over 70% of all pathogens exiting the bell with the remaining aerosols that escape traveling only 33 cm or 1 foot, .992 inches before they fall to the floor. It meets the CDC mask requirement of between 30 and 80 weight material and comes in at a fabric weight of 54. As the pathogens leaving the bell are substantially less than those from speaking or singing, such reduced load is significant enough to prevent any contamination of the surrounding environment and to substantially reduce any possibility of transmission to other nearby audience members or players. This version is the most favored and playable of the options as it is highly effective and has little to no effect on sound, intonation, or feel when used.


The Bell Barrier double layer cover adds a second removable layer of our fabric to the inside of the main cover. This does not wrap around the bell causing more vibration reduction, but it does block even more pathogens from exiting the bell. This is good in high-risk areas and poorly ventilated rooms where social distancing of four feet is not possible. It is still very playable and has little effect on sound or intonation but will slightly dull high frequency sounds especially in soprano instruments. The good news is when circumstances allow, the second layer is removable without damage, by the user so that it can be used as a single layer cover in less concentrated or more ventilated environments.


For those hyper confined and poorly ventilated environments, a third insert layer may be added. This exceeds even the most stringent, MERV 13 standards of filtering. While this has the most impact on playing, it is still the best option at this filter rate to get close to the original sound, feel, and intonation. Both layers, being removable by the user, make this option eminently flexible based on any given circumstance.

*Custom Screening – For bulk orders, bell covers can be ordered blank or they can be custom screened with your organization, logo, mascot, or message. A nominal fee is added. Please call a Chuck Levin's representative for more information*

Manufacturer: Bell Barrier

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