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Allen & Heath SQ-6 Digital Mixer

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Cutting Edge Performance For The Demanding Professional: The Allen and Heath SQ-6 Digital Mixer

SQ-6 is a next-generation digital mixer, powered by Allen and Heath is a revolutionary XCVI 96kHz FPGA engine. Created to excel in demanding scenarios such as AV, corporate events, live productions, and houses of worship, SQ-6 offers class-leading high-resolution audio fidelity and ultra-low latency of <0.7ms. The console features 24 exceptional onboard mic preamps, plus 8 stereo FX engines with dedicated return channels and access to the renowned RackExtra FX library. SQ is a natural choice for in-ear monitor setups, providing 12 stereo mixes (configurable as groups or aux's), whilst Automatic Mic Mixing makes it an excellent choice for conferences, panel talks, and more.

Powerful Processing

SQ comes equipped with all the processing you need to craft the perfect mix. Every one of the 48 inputs has HPF, a super-fast gate with sidechain and filter, a musical 4-band parametric equalizer, and Peak/RMS compressor for control and shaping of levels and transients. Mixes have both a parametric and 28 band graphic EQ along with compressor as standard, all ready to switch in when required. The XCVI core even allows for every compressor in SQ to have its own parallel path, without phase or coherency worries.

96kHz XCVI Core

SQ is a future-proofed, next-generation console, powered by Allen and Heath is a 96kHz XCVI FPGA engine. XCVI delivers class-leading high-resolution audio quality, ultra-low latency of <0.7ms, variable bit depth for ultimate precision and noise performance, mix coherency down to the sample, and the sheer power to handle high channel/mix counts and ample FX/processing.

The Ultimate IEM Mixer

With no less than 12 stereo mixes and super-low latency, and both parametric and graphic EQ on every mix, SQ is the perfect companion for in-ear monitoring setups. The integrated SQ-Drive makes it quick and easy to capture a 96kHz multitrack or stereo recording of the show direct to a USB key or drive. No software setup, no soundcard driver issues, and no extra laptop to bring to the performance. SQ-Drive is also a smart way to manage walk-in music.

Expandable up to 48 mics

SQ has all the onboard I/O you need for standalone operation. Thanks to its SLink intelligent port, SQ can also be expanded up to a total of 48 mic inputs via a family of 96kHz and 48kHz rack and stage box expanders (e.g. AB168, AR2412, AR84, and DX168), making it a flexible, mix ‘n’ match solution for owners of other Allen & Heath digital systems. You can also link your SQ directly to another SQ or even a dLive system.

The Mixing Experience

With each new design, the Allen & Heath team strives to get closer to the ultimate mixing experience. SQ's dashboard is centered around a high-res 7" capacitive touchscreen, framed by an array of high-grip, illuminating encoders to create an intuitive, integrated blend of clear visual feedback and immediate, hands-on control. Channels and mixes can be dragged and dropped to any strip, with custom naming and color coding on the color strip displays, allowing you to build a mixing environment that mirrors your own workflow. Each strip features our patented Chromatic channel metering system, giving you at-a-glance level indication thanks to LEDs with variable brightness and color.

Designed For The Pro

We know that the live environment can be tough on gear ís why we devised our most punishing regime of testing and retesting yet for SQ. From its 3-tier, all-metal chassis to its extruded aluminum light bar, SQ has tremendous strength and rigidity underlying its good looks.

Dante, Waves, MADI, and more

SQ is the centerpiece of a growing ecosystem of apps, expanders, audio networking, personal mixers, and more, allowing you to connect, adapt, and expand to your heart’s content. It’s compatible with leading audio networking standards too – add an audio networking card such as Dante, MADI, or Waves to SQ’s I/O port and you’re ready to integrate with installed systems, provide a digital FoH / Monitor split, and more.

Advanced AMM

SQ’s advanced automatic mic mixers (AMM’s) make it a natural choice for mixing conferences, panel talks, and TV shows. They’re fully integrated in the mixer too, with no extra latency, so you don’t need to route the audio to an internal DSP rack or an external plugin system. Two fully independent 24 channel AMM’s can be utilized for two zones or combined into a single 48 channel AMM for larger events.

Flexible Multitrack Recording

The integrated SQ-Drive makes it quick and easy to capture a 96kHz multitrack or stereo recording of the show direct to a USB key or drive. No software setup, no soundcard driver issues and no extra laptop to bring to the performance. SQ-Drive is also a smart way to manage walk-in music.

Also provided is a built-in 32×32 96kHz audio interface for multitrack recording, backing tracks or virtual soundcheck applications. The interface is Core Audio and ASIOTM compliant and comes complete with MIDI and DAW control capabilities.

ME Personal Mixing System

SQ is fully compatible with the ME Personal Mixing System, allowing the performers to take control of their own monitor mixes. Any number of ME-1 and ME-500 personal mixers can be daisy-chained from the mixer’s SLink port, or from a connected remote expander.



  • 96kHz FPGA processing
  • 48 Input Channels
  • DEEP Processing ready
  • 25 Faders/6 Layers
  • 12 Stereo mixes + LR
  • 3 Stereo Matrix
  • 8 Stereo FX Engines + dedicated returns
  • 7" capacitive touchscreen
  • SLink port for remote audio/expansion
  • 64ch I/O Port for audio networking
  • 32x32 USB audio interface
  • SQ-Drive direct recording to USB
  • AES output
  • Chromatic channel metering
  • Integrated LED illumination
  • Dedicated physical controls
  • 16 Assignable SoftKeys
  • 4 Assignable Soft Rotaries
  • Channel LCD displays

Mic/Line Inputs

  • Input Sensitivity: -60 to +0dBu
  • Switchable Pad: -20dB
  • Analogue Gain: 0dB to +60dB, 1dB steps
  • Maximum Input Level: +30dBu
  • Input Impedance: greater than 5k ohms
  • THD+N, Unity gain 0dB: 0.002% -92dBu (20Hz-20kHz, AES Direct Out, @0dBu 1kHz)
  • THD+N, Mid gain +30dB: 0.003% -91dBu (20Hz-20kHz, AES Direct Out, @-30dBu INPUT 1kHz)
  • Phantom Power: +48V (+3V / -2V)

Stereo Line Inputs

  • ST1, ST2 connectors: Balanced, 1/4" TRS jack
  • ST3 connector: Unbalanced, stereo 3.5mm Mini Jack
  • Input Sensitivity (ST1, ST2 / ST3): Nominal +4dBu ST1, ST2 / 0dBu ST3
  • Trim: +/-24dB
  • Maximum Input Level (ST1, ST2 / ST3): +22dBu / +18dBu
  • Input Impedance: greater than 7k ohms


  • Outputs 1-14: Balanced, XLR
  • Outputs A and B: Balanced 1/4" TRS jack
    • Source: Patchable
    • Output Impedance: less than 75 ohms
    • Nominal Output: +4dBu = 0dB meter reading
    • Maximum Output Level: +22dBu
    • Residual Output Noise: -90dBu (muted, 20Hz-20kHz)

AES Digital Output (Balanced XLR 2 channel)

  • 96kHz sampling rate (Default with SRC Bypassed)
  • Switchable output sample rates,44.1kHz/ 48kHz/ 88.2kHz/(96kHz)
  • 2.5Vpp balanced terminated 110 ohms

Gate (Patchable Sidechain)

  • Sidechain filter: Hi-pass (20-5k), band-pass (120-10k), Lo-pass (120-20k)
  • Threshold / Depth: -72dBu to +18dBu / 0 to 60dB
  • Attack / Hold / Release: 50 microseconds to 300ms / 10ms to 5s / 10ms to 1s

PEQ (4 Band, fully parametric, 20-20kHz, +/-15dB)

  • Band 1, Band 4: Selectable Shelving (Baxandall), Bell
  • Band 2, Band 3: Bell
  • Bell Width: Variable Q, 1.5 to 1/9th octave

Compressor (Patchable Sidechain)

  • Sidechain filter Hi-pass (20-5k), band-pass (120-10k), Lo-pass (120-20k), Q=1
  • Threshold / Ratio: -46dBu to 18dBu / 1:1 to infinity
  • Attack / Release: 30 microseconds to 300ms / 50ms to 2s
  • Knee: Soft/Hard
  • Detector response: Peak/RMS switchable
  • Parallel Path Compression: dry/wet -infin to 0dB


  • Faders: 100mm motorized
  • Touch Screen: 7" Capacitive, 800 x 480 resolution, 24 bit RGB
  • SoftKeys: 16
  • Mute Groups / DCA Groups: 8 / 8
  • Network: TCP/IP Ethernet for MIDI and Control
  • MIDI: TCP/IP and USB B
  • Footswitch: Single or Dual, Momentary or Latching

Manufacturer: Allen & Heath
Model: SQ-6
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I493613-0-B

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