Fender Pinwheel Rotary Speaker Emulator Pedal

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Take Your Tone For A Whirl With The Fender Pinwheel Rotary Speaker Emulator Pedal

A classic sound achieved with an organ speaker and amplifier, rotary speaker effects have become an integral part of modern music. Featuring three different rotary speaker voices, including our very own Vibratone effect, The Pinwheel makes it easy to add this swirling sound to your tonal toolbox. Switchable Slow and Fast speeds let you spin up the perfect sound for your music, while the onboard Overdrive adds some texture to your tone. The Sensitivity control allows modulation rate changes based on your playing dynamics-dig in and the effect gets more intense.


Three discrete rotary speaker voicings, including Fender's very own Vibratone, ensure you’ll be able to quickly and easily craft the right sound for your music.


Fender includes all the controls you need for this classic effect, like Slow/Fast speeds, along with a few tricks of their own.


The Sensitivity control adjusts how much the modulation rate changes, based on your picking dynamics. Strum harder and the effect gets more intense.


Overdrive is an essential part of the rotary speaker sound. It helps bring out harmonics, while adding grunt and growl to the swirling tone.


The Pinwheel features stereo inputs, making it easy to use with any guitar or keyboard rig.


Every Fender effects pedal is crafted from lightweight, durable anodized aluminum and includes LED-illuminated controls.

  • Rotary speaker pedal
  • Switchable Slow/Fast speeds
  • Onboard overdrive; dynamically responsive modulation rate
  • Stereo inputs and outputs
  • Selectable guitar and keyboard voicings

  • Power Requirements: 9-Volt DC Negative AC Adaptor
  • Dimensions: 2.90x4.90x5.40 IN
  • Weight: 2.60 LB

Manufacturer: Fender
Model: 0234543000
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I579133-N-1
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