FJH Music Measures Of Success for Tenor Saxophone - Book 1

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The Perfect Book For Beginner Tenor Sax Players, FJH Music's Measures of Success Book 1 For Tenor Saxophone

Measures of Success® was created to ignite musical curiosity, to unite conceptual knowledge with performance skills, to foster understanding of the many ways that people share and interact with music, and to  assess each student's continued musical growth. Measures of Success® is divided into six chapters ,Opus 1-6. Each “Opus” is followed by a full-page assessment. Students are able to attain achievable benchmarks throughout the method, which keeps them motivated, excited, and playing their instruments. Music history is presented simultaneously with art, literature, and world history, giving students a broad picture of social and artistic events of a certain time period. Composer pictures, artists, paintings, authors, literary works, world history, and fun facts are presented throughout the method. This strongly supports the national standards and encourages cross-disciplinary study in music education. Best of all, it is contained in the text so directors do not need to do additional research. 


  • Music Book for Beginner Tenor Saxophone Players
  • 15x Full Band Arrangements
  • 6 Full Page Assessments

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