Intellijel Duatt-1U Eurorack Module

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Enjoy The Little Brother Of The Mighty Quadratt 1U Module With Added Gain Multiplier Switch With The Intellijel Duatt-1U Eurorack Module

Duatt is a dual-channel active/buffered attenuverter and summing mixer. Each channel has a knob, which can function as a unipolar attenuator or a bipolar attenuverter, depending on the setting of its corresponding two-position polarity switch. It's a versatile and super handy utility module that will find its way into almost any patch you make!

Each input is normalled to a built-in +5V DC voltage source. With nothing plugged into the jacks, each knob controls a voltage range of 0 to +5 V or -5 to +5 V depending on the position of the channel polarity switch.

Channel A's output is normalled into the output of channel B for mixing duties, and channel A has a 2x voltage multiplier switch, allowing you to double the voltage sent into Channel A.

  • Dual Attenuator / Inverter / Attenuverter / Multiplier / Adder / Mixer / DC Voltage Source
  • Two Modes for each channel (Positive or Bipolar)
  • Voltage Doubler on Channel A
  • Precision 5v source normalling to all three inputs
  • Skiff / Palette friendly


  • Width: 14HP
  • Depth: 22mm
  • Power: 12mA @ +12V, 10mA @ -12V

Manufacturer: Intellijel
Model: DUATT-1U
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I619990-N-0