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Intellijel Morgasmatron Dual Multimode Self-Oscillating VCF and Crossfader Module

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Get The Third Generation Of A Modular Powerhouse With The Intellijel Morgasmatron Dual Multimode Self-Oscillating VCF and Crossfader Module

This is the third generation of Intellijel's much loved Korgasmatron filter designed in collaboration with David G. Dixon.  For obvious reasons, we considered naming it the Korgasmatron III. But once we experienced the purity and range of its finely re-tuned filters; the warmth of its soft-clipping; the beefiness of its Q-drive; the aggressive howl of its all-new overdrive circuit; the additional Xfade options; and its clangorous new ring modulation capabilities, we knew it was something much more than a Korgasmatron III. It was MORgasmatron!

The Morgasmatron features two completely independent six-mode filters (labeled A and B) - each with its own mode-select knob, input, output, cutoff, resonance, Q-drive, and gain control. Each filter has a pair of CV inputs (one with a built-in attenuator and the other with a built-in attenuverter) for modulating cutoff, and another CV input for modulating resonance. Both filters self-oscillate at maximum Q and produce pitched sine waves that track the two separate 1V/OCT inputs.

You can use the two filters independently of one another, or you can use them together (in either a series or parallel connection) and smoothly crossfade between them using either the XFADE knob or the XFADE CV input and built-in attenuverter. You can flip the DRY switches to instantly bypass either or both filters; invert the phase of Filter B; or overdrive Filter A by switching on the new Overdrive circuit. A MIX output provides (as you might suspect) a mixed output of the two filters.

Controls For Filters A & B

  • CUTOFF - Sets the cutoff frequency of the filter. The knob position is combined with the FM1 and FM2 inputs.
  • FM1 - Controls the amount of attenuation for the FM1 input. Although the FM1 input tracks 1V/Oct when this knob is fully clockwise, each filter features a dedicated 1V/Oct input. This means you're free to use FM1 for more creative modulation duties while using the dedicated 1V/OCT input for tracking pitch.
  • FM2 - Controls the amount and polarity of the FM2 input. The FM input has a maximum positive effect when the knob is fully clockwise; maximum inverted effect when fully counter-clockwise; and no effect when at the 12 o'clock position.
  • MODE - This knob cycles between the different Morgasmatron filter modes. The modes are LP2 (2-pole lowpass), LP1 (1-pole lowpass), BP1 (1-pole bandpass), HP1 (1-pole highpass), HP2 (2-pole highpass), and BR1 (1-pole band-reject, or notch).
  • Q - Sets the resonance of the filter. The knob position is combined with the Q input.
  • Q-DRIVE - Adds an additional drive to the filter resonance. This keeps resonance levels high as the gain levels increase while providing a warming growl at mid Q values. Resonance in the classic MS-20 filter reaches its maximum output at lower input volumes, which means - as you continue to add gain - you begin to drown out the resonance. To negate this effect, Morgasmatron feeds resonance back into the filter at an amount determined by the Q-DRIVE knob, thus preventing resonance from being drowned out at higher amplitudes. If Q is turned down, then Q-DRIVE will have no effect. You need to have some amount of resonance in order for Q-DRIVE to work. When a filter's resonance is driven into self-oscillation, increasing the Q-DRIVE soft-clips the resulting sine wave, creating a slightly squared-off waveform with more harmonic content.
  • OVERLOAD LED - Monitors the filter's output, and begins to illuminate when the signal soft clips.
  • IN - Sets the drive, or amplification, of the input signal. With a typical 10V p-p eurorack signal, unity gain is around 12 o'clock. As you turn the knob further clockwise (past 12 o'clock), you will increase the signal level and induce soft clipping.

Controls For Filter Interaction:

  • OVERDRIVE - Turn this on (switch in the up position) to activate the overdrive circuit for Filter A. Overdrive provides a more aggressively saturated distortion than you can obtain by simply boosting the Input or Q-Drive. With overdrive turned off (switch in down position), the output of Filter A is clean (with the exception of any soft-clipping induced by either a high IN level or Q-Drive).
  • DRY SWITCH A - Switch this to the Dry (up) position to remove the effect of Filter A at the XFADE input, meaning the Filter's output is identical to its input.
  • DRY SWITCH B - Switch this to the Dry (up) position to remove the effect of Filter B at the XFADE input, meaning the Filter's output is identical to its input. Once you bypass a filter using its DRY switch, you can use the XFADE knob (in conjunction with the MIX out) to set a wet/dry mix between the processed and unprocessed signals. For example, if you turn on the OVERDRIVE circuit for Filter A and set Filter B to DRY, the XFADE knob acts as a wet/dry control for distortion.
  • PHASE INVERT - Switch this to the up position to invert the phase of Filter B signal being fed to the XFADE. The most obvious use of phase inversion is to create ring modulation (as described later in the manual), but you can also use it to create subtly different timbres when combining the two filters and monitoring the MIX output.


  • Width 20HP
  • Depth 38mm
  • Power 113mA @ 12V
  • 102mA @ -12V

Manufacturer: Intellijel
Model: MORGO-3U
SKU: I512125-N-0-WHXX

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