Key Leaves Saxophone Key Props

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Keep Your Sax Spick And Span With The Key Leaves Saxophone Key Props

Stop sticky G#, C#, Eb keys and the pad rot that eats your saxophone. They prop gently under the key arms without touching delicate pads. One size adapts to fit all Alto, Tenor, Bari and C-Melody Saxophones.

Mold, fungus, bacteria and viral growth can infest your sax and degrade your health. Open your sax to breathe fresh air so you and the horn stay healthy.

Flex, rotate and adapt Key Leaves props to fit any vintage sax, bari, tenor or alto. For longer reaches, detach the strap and place props under key arms as needed – airing out the sax and preventing sticky rot.

  • Reduce Repair Bills: Go longer between repairs and have fewer rotten pads. Repair techs love Key Leaves.
  • One Size Fits All: Fits all Alto, Tenor, Bari and C melody. Even some makes of soprano.
  • Healthy & Clean: Mold, fungus, bacteria and viral growth can infest your sax. Yuck! Let your horn breathe fresh air and dry clean.
  • Safe for All Finishes: Silver, copper, brass, wood and lacquer finishes are safe with Key Leaves products.

Manufacturer: Key Leaves
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