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Schagerl Apredato Trumpet Mouthpiece - BG2, Gold

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Get Beautiful Resonance And Crisp Dynamic Response From The Schagerl Apredato BG2 Trumpet Mouthpiece


The Schagerl Apredato Mouthpiece started with the intention of providing players with a fuller, darker sound and a deep, resonant quality without drastically changing the usual rim and cup shape. Most heavy mouthpieces can be difficult to play, having more resistance than normal. At first glance, the Schagerl Apredato mouthpieces appear to be like most heavy mouthpieces, but Schagerl took a different approach with the Apredato. The mass of the Apredato is reduced to a minimum, then an attachment is fitted and filled with water.  The attachment is coated in waterproof materials to prevent corrosion and sealed with rubber to prevent leaks. Compared to normal mouthpieces the Apredato produces a darker, richer tone with higher volumes. Big Band trumpet players will love the "fat" sound. Replacing the water can be done by hand and should be changed at regular intervals.

  • Inside Cup: 16.72mm
  • Bore: 3.8mm
  • Medium Deep Cup
  • Version: Gold

Manufacturer: SCHAGERL
Model: 139341
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I306243-N-2-B