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Tone King Ironman II Mini 30 Watt Reactive Power Attenuator

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Drive Your Amp Without Driving The Neighbors Crazy - The Tone King Ironman II Mini 30 Watt Reactive Power Attenuator

Many vintage tube guitar amplifiers need to be cranked up to full volume in order to achieve any amount of overdrive and distortion. This type of amplifier does not usually have a Master Volume control, and is designed so that all overdrive and distortion happens in the output stage, and not in the preamp. An example of this type of amp is the Fender Deluxe, or Vox AC-30.

This type of amp can create difficulties in managing the volume level, since it needs to be running at full output power to achieve overdrive and distortion. A power attenuator solves this problem. It is connected between the output of the amplifier and the speaker, and it allows you to send a specified fraction of the amp's output power to the speaker. The remainder of the amp's output power is dissipated within the attenuator itself. This way, the amp can run at full output power, and control the volume level with the attenuator.

The tonal quality delivered by an attenuator depends on the design of the attenuator. A simple, low-cost attenuator will generally deliver less than spectactular results – muddy sound with blurred attack, buzzy artifacts, and other defects.

The Ironman II Mini employs Tone King's state-of-the-art Ironman II architecture, with proprietary design features which make it particularly effective at maintaining the natural sound and feel of your amplifier at even the lowest volume levels. 

  • Power Handling: 30W R.M.S. Maximum
  • Input Impedance: Fixed Impedance; 8 Ohms only
  • Speaker Impedance: Fixed Impedance; 8 Ohms only
  • Attenuation Levels: A total of 18 distinct attenuation levels are available
  • Attenuation Dials: Selects between 6 different attenuation steps
  • SOLO Function: Selectable 3db/6db reduction in attenuation for solo volume boost
  • Range Switch: Selects between the HI and LO attenuation ranges, to control the attenuation level when the SOLO feature is inactive.
  • Line Out: Recording / D.I. output, impedance = 10K Ohms; level = -10dbu
  • LED Indicator: Indicates status of SOLO function
  • Power Source: Used for LED indicator only. Power supplied by either internal batteries (2 x AA cells) or external 9V source.

Manufacturer: Tone King
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I466664-N-6-B
UPC: 763815129730

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