Yamaha YCL-221II Standard Bass Clarinet

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A Rich, Warm Sound, Perfect For Student Players - The Yamaha YCL-221II Standard Bass Clarinet

A two-piece body and compact case design make this student bass clarinet the "school-bus-friendly" choice!


  • Matte finished ABS resin body - The matte finish gives the clarinet a much better appearance, while the ABS resin body makes the clarinet more lightweight and very durable while giving it a warmer sound and an excellent response.
  • Redesigned neck angle - The neck angle is now the same as that of the professional models, resulting in a much more comfortable and natural playing position.
  • Leather pads with plastic resonators - These pads (also used on our saxophones) are longer lasting and provide a better feel with increased projection than standard clarinet pads.
  • Redesigned register tone hole - This tone hole was scientifically designed and placed for extremely accurate intonation.
  • Rounded bridge key connector - The rounded key prevents key damage and eliminates the need to hold the keys when putting the instrument together.
  • New joint system - The rubber rings surrounding the cork help to prevent air leaks, ease assembly and prevent keys from binding.
  • Compact ABS case - This durable lightweight case is smaller and easier for children to carry, making it much more bus-friendly. This case is also stackable and will take up much less space in the band room.


  • Level: Standard Bass
  • Key: Bb
  • Fingering: Boehm
  • Key SYstem: 20 keys, 7 covered finger holes
  • Body Material: Matte ABS Resin, 2 piece
  • Barrel Material: Nickel Silver
  • Bell Material: Nickel Silver
  • Key Material: Nickel Silver
  • Plating: Nickel
  • Bore: Molded
  • Tone Holes: Straight
  • Thumb Rest: Adjustable
  • Mouthpiece: Yamaha 4C
  • Mouthpiece Cap: Plastic
  • Ligature: Nickel-Plated
  • Spring Type: Blue steel needle
  • Pad Type: Tan leather with tone boosters
  • Posts: Threaded

Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model: YCL-221II
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I077055-N-85
UPC: 086792617978