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Yamaha YTR-9445CHS III Custom Xeno Artist Model "Chicago" Series C Trumpet

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Get Yamaha's Most Recent Iteration of Excellence with the Yamaha YTR-9445CHS III Custom Xeno Artist Model "Chicago" Series C Trumpet

Xeno Artist Model trumpets are based on years of research and development by looking at every aspect of trumpet design and performance to meet the critical demands of artists at the pinnacle of modern trumpet playing. All materials and parts have been thoroughly reviewed, and production refined to deliver an unprecedented balance and sound and feel. The combination of design and collaboration with leading artists around the world continues to elevate Xeno Artist Model performance to new heights.

The "Chicago" Series

The Chicago Series was developed in close cooperation with John Hagstrom of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. A fusion of traditional style and state-of-the-art design achieves a comfortable resistance and a tone that is both brilliant and deep. The C and Bb trumpets have consistently outstanding feel and playability throughout their ranges, so switching instruments is smooth and seamless.

Valve Casing

Based on new findings acquired through research into vintage trumpets, the dimensions and thickness of parts of the valve casing have been revised for the 2019 model. The refined valve casing and lightweight pistons work together to deliver significantly improved response for even greater clarity in detailed passages.

Bell Design

The bell features a design that is narrower toward the valve casing, and a square-cornered bell bow that provides the performer with a more balanced resistance. This results in a more "three-dimensional" sound, with a strong tonal core that improves upper register playability. The YTR-9445CHS bell has been changed from the previous YS4 type to a YS4s type with a different bell tail shape. Combined with the MC1 leadpipe, this results in even greater pitch accuracy.

Main Tuning Slide

For the 2019 model revision, a square main tuning slide that provides enhanced overall playing feel and tonal balance has been adopted in the YTR-9335CHS and YTR-9445CHS.

Water Key and Water Key Cork

A redesigned water key contributes to improved resonance in the YTR-9445CHS. The weight distribution of the water key arm and saddle improve playability and response while enhancing high resister accessibility. A new rubber cork material* that is more resistant to deterioration over time is used for the water key seal. These modifications contribute to improved definition of sound, projection, and response. *Rubber cork: Cork particles are evenly distributed through a synthetic rubber, achieving greater compression resilience than conventional cork.

Reversed Tuning Slide

The leadpipes are based on Bob Malone's own design, which on the Chicago C trumpet is a long taper that ends in a hidden, reversed tuning slide. These leadpipes are largely responsible for the tonal expressivity of the trumpets, and you will find that notes slot easily and comfortably in all ranges, with exceptionally accurate intonation.

French Bead

Unlike traditional methods where a round rim curl is used, a French bead is an advanced technique that matches the curl to the shape of a semi-cylindrical rim and is characterized by improved feedback of sound to the performer.


Utilizing a leadpipe that is thicker than current designs, an original style Malone Pipeâ„¢ (MC1), and a lighter mouthpiece receiver, tone and response have been improved while providing the performer with ideal blowing resistance. Also the finger hook is not soldered to the leadpipe. You will hear and feel the difference in tone quality and response.

Brace Design & Position

The design of the bell braces achieves quick response with a brilliant, well-centered tone. Although the position of the YTR-9335CHS tuning slide brace is unique for a Bb instrument, the dis

Manufacturer: Yamaha
Model: YTR-9445CHS III
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I622270-N-1-B
UPC: 889025122238

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