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Everything In Music Since 1958
Hand Built Supro Custom Amplifiers HAVE ARRIVED!

Hand Built Supro Custom Amplifiers HAVE ARRIVED!

A Closer Look at Supro's Latest Amplifiers

In the world of guitar amplification, the quest for the ultimate tone can be both exhilarating and daunting. Supro, a venerable name in tube amp manufacture, has consistently pushed the boundaries of sound and design. Their latest offerings, the Supro Ambassador Custom and Supro Delegate Custom, are no exception, and they promise to elevate the experience of guitarists across genres.

Supro Ambassador

The Supro Ambassador Custom: A Versatile Powerhouse

The Supro Ambassador Custom is a marvel of engineering, meticulously crafted by hand in the USA. This 50-watt 2x10 combo amp is a tribute to mid-century design, inspired by the iconic Valco cabinets. It comes equipped with ultra-premium components that include Mercury Magnetics transformers, Mallory capacitors, and custom BD10 speakers by Celestion, specifically designed to handle its robust output.

The Ambassador’s circuit topology is ingeniously devised to maximize the efficiency of these high-end components, offering lush, clean tones that smoothly transition into sweet overdrive at peak volumes. This makes the Ambassador exceptionally versatile, ideal for delivering high-quality rock, funk, and R&B tones. The amp features a trio of 12AX7 tubes in the preamp and employs a unique paraphase inverter stage that ensures tonal clarity and a rich harmonic response.

Moreover, the Ambassador provides a switchable Class A/Class AB output stage, using EHX 5881/6L6WGC power tubes. This feature allows guitarists to choose between the warm, mid-rich Class A mode, and the clear, tight Class AB setting, making it a formidable choice for both live performances and studio sessions.

Supro Delegate

The Supro Delegate Custom: Responsive and Rich

The Supro Delegate Custom steps in as a more compact alternative without compromising on sound quality. This 25-watt 1x12 combo amp carries forward the legacy of its bigger sibling with its Valco-inspired design and top-tier internal components.

What sets the Delegate apart is its extraordinary touch sensitivity and midrange warmth, qualities that are crucial for achieving the classic rock & roll grind. This amp is powered by a pair of 6V6 tubes in a Class-A output stage, renowned for their smooth compression and quiet operation. The Delegate's preamp is also tube-driven, featuring 12AX7 tubes and a 12AT7 tube for the spring reverb, which collectively produce a sound that's open, immediate, and colorful.

Like the Ambassador, the Delegate uses a paraphase inverter and a well-placed master volume control to maintain its extensive frequency response and dynamic interaction. This setup ensures that every nuance of the guitar’s tone is faithfully amplified, from sparkling cleans to rich, overdriven textures.

Supro Ambassador

Both the Supro Ambassador Custom and the Supro Delegate Custom are stellar amplifiers that showcase Supro’s commitment to quality and sound excellence. Whether you're a gigging musician needing the powerful, articulate output of the Ambassador, or a studio artist looking for the nuanced, warm tones of the Delegate, these amps promise to deliver performance that rivals the legends of the past while carving out a niche of their own in modern music.

For guitarists in search of their next piece of signature gear, the new line from Supro offers compelling options that merit a closer look and an eager ear. The blend of vintage aesthetics with cutting-edge technology in these amps not only pays homage to their roots but also paves the way for future innovations in sound.

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