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Spector NYC Graffiti Collection Banner
Spector NYC Graffiti Collection

Straight from New York - The Spector NYC Graffiti Collection

This monumental collaboration between Chuck Levin’s & Spector Basses brings you truly one-of-a-kind run of pieces dripping with the vibe, art, and energy of New York City.

The basses in this limited edition run showcases one of a kind electric art from the renowned airbrush artist Dan Lawrence. In his first ever collaboration with Spector, Dan created twelve remarkable works of art that not only take us right to the streets and subways of NYC, but pay tribute to the rich history and origin story of Spector Bass.

Each bass, adorned with old-school subway token inlays, matching painted pickups, and tagged names and places integral to the Spector narrative, make powerful, bold statements—much like the city that served as their muse.

Dan Lawrence Feature - Spector NYC Graffiti Collection

One-of-a-kind artwork by Dan Lawrence

Dan Lawrence is famous for his incredible airbrush artwork on custom guitars and has created some truly insane pieces for manufacturers and guitarists. The NYC Graffiti Collection marks Dan's first ever collaboration with Spector basses.

Dan went above and beyond in crafting a unique look for each bass in the collection - no two basses are alike!

The contours of Spector's NS bodies make working on them challenging, but Dan did a phenomenal job - even incorporating the pickups into the paintwork! There are also countless additional improvised details from Dan on each bass - a real testament to how much fun he had while creating these!

Spector NYC Graffiti Collection Collage
Spector NYC Graffiti Collection Horn

Limited Edition Artwork, Pure Spector Basses

There are 12 total basses in the collection - eight 4-string NS-2 models and four 5-string NS-5 models. Each bass is constructed with a maple body and 3-piece neck with an ebony fretboard and gold hardware. They are then loaded with a set of EMG active pickups and Spector’s signature HAZ 9v electronics. A Gator hard case is included, along with a Certificate of Authenticity, and a Chuck Levin's Graffiti Inspired T-shirt.

These limited edition basses celebrate not only Spector, but pay homage to a plethora people, places, and artists from the city that never sleeps, and never ceases to inspire musicians worldwide. Get ready to tag your own piece of bass history, straight from New York, and ONLY at Chuck Levin’s!

CHUCKSCLUSIVE Spector NYC Graffiti Collection
Spector NYC Graffiti Collection - Dan Lawrence Highlights
Spector NYC Graffiti Collection - Dan Lawrence Highlights
Spector NYC Graffiti Collection - Dan Lawrence Highlights