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Whirlwind ISOXL Line Level Isolation Transformer

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Keep Your Signal Crystal Clean & Clear With The Whirlwind ISOXL Line Level Isolation Transformer

The new Whirlwind ISOXL isolation transformer provides your cleanest solution for eliminating those annoying hums and buzzes in your recordings or audio system. Whirlwind engineers designed this from the ground up and weren't satisfied until they could say that it outperforms the industry's leading isolation transformer every time.

It’s a must have in every sound engineer’s toolkit and a handy accessory for any player frustrated with line level output signal interference, either on stage or in the studio.

This is a professional quality compact transformer in an XLR male/female tube for quick fix line isolation. The shield is lifted from input to output. Housed in a high impact nylon casing, the ISOXL outperforms the industry leading inline isolation transformer.

Manufacturer: Whirlwind
Model: ISOXL
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I263717-N-3-B
UPC: 692465019583