COVID-19 Updates & Message From The Levin's

Chuck Levin's C19 Updates

We're Open!

Our priority remains the health and safety of everyone, while still keeping this place the "Chuck's" you know and love. This is our home as much as it is yours, and we want to make sure we hold true to that while keeping everyone safe. 

We have a few rules for everyone to follow with us:

  • Masks or face coverings are required at all times by all Chuck Levin's staff and customers.
  • Due to the pandemic no rental instruments are out on display. Click here for rental specific information.
  • Private rooms are available for the sale of brass and woodwind instruments.
  • All instruments are sanitized and sterilized before returning to the show room.
  • Contactless Temperature Checks will be taken at the entrance to the main store and the Pro Audio department. Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 degrees or higher cannot be allowed inside the store, however we can assist you curbside or over the phone.
  • In order to maintain appropriate social distance while letting everyone move around, we will be limiting the number of customers in the main store to 20 at a time, and 4 in the Pro Audio department.
  • Repairs Shops are open and able to assist curbside. Please come to main store for assistance.
  • Please limit groups to no more than 3 people at a time, so that there is enough room for others to enter.
  • Please try and limit visits to an hour or less.
  • No public restrooms.

The team is back. Horns are polished, synths are turned on, and amps are turned to 11! We're ready to rock. We'll see you soon.

A Message from Alan, Abbe and Adam Levin:

When the storm clouds first began in March, the two most important issues for us were the health, safety and welfare of our Chuck Levin’s staff, and the safety and health of our customers and community. We’ve been through many trials in our history, but nothing quite like this.

The decision was made to retain all our employees throughout the closure. The staff that you have come to know from sales to cashiers to repair techs and warehouse crew are all here.

It has been said many times that shopping at Chuck’s is an experience. A big concern of ours is trying to figure out how to maintain that experience that you’ve come to expect, while following the new government regulations. To do this – we are asking for your help. These are uncharted waters, and we need to navigate them together.

The Chuck’s experience will be different for a while. It’s going to be awkward and challenging at first, but with your help and patience, we’ll figure it out. We are still Chuck Levin’s – the greatest music store in the world. It’s the people that count and the Chuck’s family will be here for you.

Let’s keep making music!

If you have any questions, need prices or special quotes, or just want to talk gear - we're all still here! The Chuck Levin's Sales Team is set up remote and ready to work with you to help put more music into the world. We'd love to hear from you!

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Most important of all, create music. Share your music with the world. Music can uplift our community at times when we might feel alone and scared. Share your music with us, and we'll share it out there too. We're all in this together.