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Spector Woodstock Custom Collection

The best from Spector, only at Chuck Levin's!

Chuck Levin's is excited to join Spector Basses in announcing the Woodstock Custom Collection!

Our relationship with Spector goes back to the beginning, back when Stuart and Alan were still crafting instruments in Brooklyn. Chuck's was there to provide bassists in the D.C. area with some of the first Spector NS basses, which were instantly noteworthy for their craftsmanship, quality, and innovation.

The Spector Woodstock Custom Collection celebrates that incredible level of craftsmanship. From tonewoods, electronics, and all kinds of fun little details - these basses represent the peak of Spector's capacity to produce peerless instruments.

Each bass in the Woodstock Custom Collection is unique, each one was designed by one person on Spector's team, reflecting their individual style and taste. We're sure that they'll resonate with your styles and tastes as well, and it is our pleasure to share three of these amazing basses with you!

Northern Lights joint FS

NS-5XL Northern Lights

First is an NS-5XL with a painfully gorgeous quilted maple top in a finish called Northern Lights, inspired by the aurora borealis its designer Jeff Shreiner witnessed on a trip to Iceland.

Underneath the breathtaking finish and quilted top, Jeff's NS-5XL is constructed with a pair of red alder wings around a 3-piece maple neck, and the ebony fingerboard is inlaid with abalone crowns.

A pair of Aguilar Super Split pickups and an Aguilar OBP-2 preamp deliver tones on par with the instrument's looks, and black hardware throughout creates a cohesive aesthetic that lets that quilted top and incredible finish pop even more.

nl bass
nl bass
nl bass
Fake maple leaf fs

NS-1 Solid Walnut

Second is an NS-1 featuring an incredibly intricate relief carve of an oak leaf and acorn, representative of its designer Chris Heitzman's affinity for the Ralph Emerson quote:

"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn."

Heitzman's NS-1 is constructed with a pair of solid black walnut wings and a 3-piece maple neck, and the zircote fingerboard is inlaid with pau ferro acorns and oak leaves.

The bass is rounded off with an Aguilar 4P-60 pickup and OBP-1 preamp, along with the usual Spector USA hardware appointments including Gotoh tuners and Spector's solid brass bridge.

acorn bass
acorn bass
aye korn bass
spector bass FS

NS-1 Cherry, Mahogany, & Black Walnut

And third, an NS-1 that champions a straightforward approach, influenced by some of Spector's original basses from the Brooklyn era.

Designed by Pat Harrington, this NS-1 is crafted from cherry, mahogany, and black walnut around a 3-piece maple neck. The birdseye maple fingerboard is inlaid with black walnut blocks.

Like the rest of the instrument, the electronics are simple, but of the highest quality. A single DiMarzio Model P pickup with passive controls means the player can focus on just that - playing!


We love the stories behind these basses. It's how we try to approach every custom instrument we help our customers design and bring to life, and the craftsmanship on display with the Woodstock Custom Collection is nothing short of extraordinary.

We're so happy offer these examples from the Spector Woodstock Custom Collection alongside our unrivaled selection of Spector basses. Be sure to check out our Spector collections below, especially our own 'Chucksclusives' featuring exclusive finishes and options that you will only find at Chuck Levin's!

Spector Woodstock Custom Collection

Check out the entire Spector Woodstock Custom Collection in all of its glory here!

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