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Everything In Music Since 1958

The Great Flute Spring Clean With Paul Edmund-Davies

The Great Flute Spring Clean with Paul Edmund-Davies


Calling All Flautists!

Join Paul Edmund-Davies, Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center, and North Bridge Winds, for a highly interactive and light-hearted virtual flute ‘boot camp’ on May 1. Paul will be taking everyone through some of the exercises that appear in his two books, The 28 Day Warm Up Book and A Consequence of Sequences.


What's It About?

Using a combination of “play along” and “duets,” Paul will focus on the Four Pillars Exercises (Breathing and Phrasing, Finger work, Articulation and Intervals) featured in these books and throughout the Simply Flute website.

Each section will culminate with a play along performance, incorporating a work for flute and piano from the North Bridge Flute Academy (sheet music, videos, and piano tracks can be found at Participants will receive a workshop primer in PDF format with all music to be used on the day, and for weeks to come afterwards. The music will be scrolled throughout the presentation as we all play together!


Who's It For?

While the class is for all flautists with a small amount of elementary exercises, the majority of the material is aimed more at those of an intermediate level and above.