Blizzard Cool Cables 3-Pin DMX Cable - 10ft

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Experience Exceptional Durability With The Blizzard Cool Cables 3-Pin DMX Cable - 10ft

Cool Cable DMX cables are true high quality DMX cables with exceptionally durable and flexible construction. They meet the USITT standards for DMX512 cable specifications, 120 ohm impedance, low capacitance, and feature a double (foil and braid) shield. Unlike conventional cables that are not intended for data transmission, Cool Cable DMX cables offer reliable data transfer through its data-specific design, and wire wrapped 5 times tighter than a traditional XLR cable. In addition, Cool Cable DMX cables feature an extra-flexible jacket material that is tough, abrasion-resistant, and remains flexible in hot or cold temperature environments. These DMX cables all come with a convenient velcro cable wrap to keep everything neat and tidy.

  • Double shield (foil and braid)
  • 120 ohm impedance
  • Conductors: 2
  • Low capacitance
  • High quality true DMX cable
  • Color-coded connectors

  • Conductor gauge: 0.34mm squared
  • Conductor material: Oxygen free copper wire
  • Conductor stranding: 7 x 0.20mm
  • Conductor diameter:  0.20mm
  • Conductor twists/M: 100 conductor twists/M
  • Lay direction: left
  • Insulation material: PE
  • Insulation diameter: 1.35mm
  • Wire pair color: red+white
  • Outer shield: (braid and foil) AL+PP+braid (0.12mm x 64 tinned copper)
  • Outer jacket material: PVC
  • Overall nominal cable diameter: 6mm
  • Operating Temperature Range: -30 ~ 70 degrees
  • Bulk Cable Weight: 1.79kg/PC
  • Minimum Bend Radius (Install): less than/equal to 120mm
  • Nominal Characteristic Impedance: 100ohm
  • Nominal Capacitance Conductor to Conductor @ 1KHz: 63PF/m
  • Nominal Cap Cond. To Other Cond. & Shield @ 1KHz: 105PF/m
  • Nominal Velocity of Propagation: 66%
  • Nominal Delay: 1.6 Nanoseconds per foot
  • Nominal Conductor DC Resistance @ 20 degrees C: ≤0.098ohm/m
  • Individual Pair Nominal Shield DC Resistance @ 20 degrees C: less than/equal to 0.026ohm/m
  • Nominal Attenuation: 0.6 (@ 1 MH z) dB/100 ft
  • Max Recommended Current @ 25 degrees C: 2.1 Amps per conductor

Manufacturer: Blizzard Lighting
Model: DMX-10Q
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
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