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Mackie MTest-1 Cable Tester

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Ensure All Your Cables Work Correctly With The Mackie MTest-1 Cable Tester

Whether you have a few or a mountain of cables, it pays to know which ones are good and which ones need to be tossed into the not so good pile. The MTEST-1 is an incredibly handy tool that can weed out the cables that may have seen too much action.

Connect All Your Favorites

Male and female connectors for all the most commonly used types.

Visual Feedback

Bright and easy-to-read LED readout tells you exactly which pins are working properly.

Any Combo Of Connectors

XLR to TRS? 1/8" to RCA? No problem! The MTEST-1 intelligently knows what you're plugging in and matches pins accordingly.

Battery Powered

When you have some testing to do on the fly, you don't have time for an AC adapter. Just pop in a 9v battery and the MTEST-1 is good to go.

Signal Probes

Don't see the connector you need? Just plug in the included probes and you can test continuity on virtually any cable or non-active circuit.  


The MTEST-1 is built to last and withstand years of use thanks to its road-worthy, steel construction, and long-wearing components.


  • Test the most commonly used connector types in live sound and studio applications
  • 1/4" TRS and TS
  • 1/8" TRS and TS
  • XLR
  • RCA/Phono
  • Speakon
  • MIDI
  • Banana
  • Quickly verify each pin via the 6-way switch
  • Manually check continuity with the supplied probes
  • Powered by a single 9v battery
  • Built-Like-A-Tank construction

Manufacturer: Mackie
Model: MTEST-1
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I497258-N-3
UPC: 663961054026