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Everything In Music Since 1958

Neumann KH420 Nearfield Studio Monitor (Single)

by Neumann
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Get The Latest Benchmark In Audio Reproduction Quality - The Neumann KH 420 Nearfield Studio Monitor (Single)

The KH 420 is a three-way tri-amplified monitor with thermally protected Class AB amplifiers (330 W and two times 140 W). Just like the drivers, its Mathematically Modeled Dispersion™ (MMD™) waveguide is engineered for optimum precision. Sound distributed in a horizontally precise manner ensures flexibility in the listening position; the narrower vertical dispersion reduces the negative effects of nearby reflections, for example from a desk or mixing console. The dispersion of the KH 420 is deliberately designed to be narrower, to guarantee reference sound at longer working distances.

The KH 420 is designed for a working distance of 1.5 to 3 m (5’ to 9’). It handles this space effortlessly thanks to great power reserves and precisely concentrated dispersion. Even in diverse acoustical environments the KH 420 remains neutral and clear in every detail down to the subtlest nuances. No subtlety is lost; every sound element can be localized.

  • Computer mechanically modeled three-way cabinet design using Low resonance Integral Molding™ (LRIM™) materials
  • No standing wave resonances inside cabinet
  • Reduced intermodulation distortion in midrange for a more transparent sound
  • Reduced cabinet resonances
  • New in-house simulated magnetically shielded drivers
  • Latest modeling techniques used to minimize non-linear (intermodulation) distortion
  • For safe use near magnetic storage media
  • Powerful alloy fabric dome tweeter with built-in grille
  • Low-distortion high-frequency reproduction
  • Robust against accidental physical damage
  • Fabric dome, neodymium magnet, midrange driver
  • Dedicated driver reproduces important midrange frequencies, which is especially important for speech and vocals
  • Light weight dome has better transient response and less breakup modes than cone designs
  • High power magnet reduces harmonic and intermodulation distortion
  • Long throw bass driver with Extremely Linear Force Factor™ (ELFF™) and flow optimized die cast basket
  • Linear pistonic motor gives a very low harmonic distortion even at high excursions
  • Reduced air noise and improved rocking modes
  • High-capacity flow-optimized bass reflex ports with pipe damped
  • Reduced compression at high output levels
  • No coloration from organ pipe resonance
  • Elliptical Mathematically Modeled Dispersion™ (MMD™) waveguide, with wide horizontal and narrow vertical dispersion
  • Smoother off-axis response
  • More forgiving of diverse acoustical environments
  • Freedom of movement across the mixing console
  • Reduces reflections off the mixing console
  • Two-color dimmable Neumann logo
  • Displays operation status and activation of the extensive protection system
  • Dimmable for low lighting level conditions or behind the screen applications
  • Electronics panel with generously dimensioned integrated Accelerated Heat Tunneling™ (AHT™) heat sink
  • Improved heat dissipation leading to increased electronics reliability

Ports and High Dynamics: No Longer A Contradiction

With its tri-channel amplifiers the KH 420 also realizes sound pressures of up to 122.4 dB. And it thereby retains high-resolution and neutral representation across the entire frequency response. This also includes an exceptional bass response down to 26 Hz. Despite using ports, there is no "overhang" or audible resonance in the low frequency range and the transient response is precisely controlled at all times.

The computer modeled chassis is constructed of LRIM™ materials which eliminates standing wave resonances and suppresses intermodulation distortion, especially in the midrange. For demanding treble, Neumann's own specially developed, powerful alloy fabric dome ensures distortion-free reproduction. The fabric dome captures the midrange with utmost precision. Its ultralight material and the powerful neodymium magnet enable a significantly better transient response with considerably less distortion than comparable midrange drivers.


  • Free Field Frequency
    • Response ±6 dB: 25 Hz - 22 kHz
    • Response ±3 dB: 26 Hz - 22 kHz
    • Linearity Deviation between 100 Hz and 10 kHz: ± 1.2 dB
    • Reproduction Accuracy between 100 Hz and 10 kHz: 100%, 80%, 50% of loudspeakers produced - ±0.78; ±0.36; ±0.22 dB
  • SPL
    • Max. SPL calc. in half space at 3% THD at 1m (averaged between 100 Hz and 6 kHz): 122.4 dB SPL
    • Max. SPL in full space at 3% THD at 1m (averaged between 100 Hz and 6 kHz): 116.4 dB SPL
    • Bass capability - Max. SPL in half space at 3% THD at 1m (averaged between 50 Hz and 100 Hz): 109.9 dB SPL
    • Max. short term SPL with IEC-weighted noise (IEC 60268-5) at 1 m, in typical listening conditions: 109 dB(C) SPL
    • Max. short term SPL with music material at 2.3 m in typical listening conditions (pair / full range): 103 dB(C) SPL
    • Max. short term SPL with music material at 2.3 m, in typical listening conditions (pair with subwoofer): 109 dB(C) SPL
    • Max. long term SPL with pink noise at 2.3 m, in typical listening conditions (single / pair full range): 90 / 96 dB(C) SPL
    • Max. long term SPL with pink noise at 2.3 m, in typical listening conditions (single / pair with subwoofer): 90 / 96 dB(C) SPL
    • Self-generated noise at 10 cm (with input gain set to 100 dB SPL for 0 dBu): less than 20 dB(A) SPL
    • Sine wave output with a THD less than 0.5 % at 1 m in half space: 95 dB SPL (greater than 100 Hz)
  • I/O
    • Analog Input(s): XLR, analog electronically balanced
    • Analog Input Impedance: greater than 14 kOhms
    • Max. Input Level: +24 dBu
    • Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR): greater than 56 dB @ 15 kHz
    • Input Gain Control (sensitivity): 0 dB ~ -15 dB
    • Output Level Control (output level in 1 m based on 0 dBu input level): 94; 100; 108; 114 dB SPL
    • Controller Design: Analog; active
  • Crossover and EQ
    • Crossover Frequency: 570 Hz and 2.0 kHz
    • Crossover Slope: 24 dB/oct; 4th order
    • Equalization, Bass: 0; -2.5; -5; -7.5 dB
    • Equalization, Low-Mid: 0; -1.5; -3; -4.5 dB
    • Equalization, Treble: +1; 0; -1; -2 dB
    • Equalization, Parametric EQ, Gain: +4 ~ -12 dB
    • Equalization, Parametric EQ, Frequency: Bypass, 25 - 80 Hz, 50 - 160 Hz, 100 - 320 Hz
    • Equalization, Parametric EQ, Q: 1 - 8
    • Infrasonic filter: frequency; slope 9 Hz; 18 dB/oct
  • Display
    • Settings: On; Normal Operation, Neumann logo "White"
    • Options: Limit / Clip / Errors / Protection /Boot Mute / Shut Down Mute, Neumann logo "Red"
    • Brightness: White: 100%/60%/30%/off; Red: 100%/60%/30%
  • Amplifiers
    • Woofer: 10 inch / 265 mm magnetically shielded
    • Midrange: 3 inch / 75 mm with magnetic shielding
    • Tweeter: 1 inch / 25 mm with protecting black metal grille
    • Output Power - woofer amplifier (THD+N with limiter deactivated: 10%): 330 W
    • Output Power - midrange amplifier (THD+N with limiter deactivated: 10%): 140 W
    • Output Power - tweeter amplifier (THD+N with limiter deactivated: 10%): 140 W
    • Output Power - woofer amplifier (THD+N with limiter deactivated: 0.1%): 295 W
    • Output Power - midrange amplifier (THD+N with limiter deactivated: 0.1%): 130 W
    • Output Power - tweeter amplifier (THD+N with limiter deactivated: 0.1%): 130 W
    • Protection Circuitry: Independent thermo limiters for woofer, midrange dome and tweeter. Woofer soft clip and excursion limiters. Amplifier overheat
  • Power
    • Mains Power Supply: input voltage; frequency 100 - 240 V; 50 / 60 Hz
    • Power Consumption (230 V / 100 V): Idle, 60 W
    • Power Consumption (230 V / 100 V): Full output, 800 W
  • Cabinet and Conditions
    • Cabinet Material: Wood cabinet, polyurethane waveguide, aluminum electronics panel
    • Cabinet Surface Finish and Color: Painted, metallic anthracite (RAL 7021) / black (RAL 9005)
    • Mounting Points: 8 x M5 on rear panel
    • Operating Conditions: +10° C to +40° C (+50° F to +104° F); less than 90% RH, non-condensing
    • Transport/Storage Conditions: -25° C to +70° C (-13° F to 158° F); less than 90% RH; non-condensing
  • Dimensions
    • Product Dimensions (H x W x D): 25.38 x 13 x 17.5 inch / 645 x 330 x 444 mm
    • External Net Volume: 93 liters
    • Product Weight: 77.17 lb / 35.0 kg
    • Packed Dimensions (H x W x D): 30.5 x 24 x 23.23 inch / 775 x 610 x 590 mm
    • Packed Weight: 90.37 lb / 41.0 kg
    • Packed Cube: 0.279 m³
  • Package Contents
    • 1x KH 420 Studio Monitor
    • 3x Mains Cables
    • 1x Operating Manual
    • 1x Supplement "Getting Started Quickly"

Manufacturer: Neumann
Model: KH 420 G
SKU: I359477-0-WHXX

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