Paiste 14" 2002 Sound Edge Hi-Hat Top Cymbal

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The Paiste 14" 2002 Sound Edge Hi-Hat Cymbals have a medium bright sound with a full, warm, brilliant shimmer to them. Their wide range sits fairly complex in the mix with a fast responsive feel.  The open sound is bright and energetic with a sharp full-bodied chick sound.  These are the original, patended wavy bottom hi-hats. Top cymbal only.

  • Weight: medium
  • Volume: medium soft to loud
  • Stick Sound: pronounced
  • Intensity: lively
  • Sustain: medium

Manufacturer: Paiste
Model: 1063214
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I151379-N-1
UPC: #69764310032
Listing ID: NA55981