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Sonor Orff SXP 1-1 Soprano Xylophone - Primary FSC Series

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The Sonor Orff Primary Series is an intermediate class of instruments. The xylophones bars are made from Pao Rosa, an African wood with great fundamental tones.  They are available in three sizes: soprano, alto and deep bass with diatonic and full chromatic versions. Add on chromatic pieces are available on certain models.

  • item name Soprano Xylophone
  • version German model
  • type soprano
  • sound bar color natural
  • sound bar material Pao Rosa,FSC™ certified
  • resonator box with 1 chamber made of birch plywood,FSC™ certified
  • series Primary
  • tuning fundamental tuning
  • scale C major scale
  • item description SXP 1.1
  • tones c2,d2,e2,f2,f-sharp2,g2,a2,b-flat2,b2,c3
  • accessories 1 pair Felt Ring Mallet,SCH 11
  • lowest note c2
  • highest note a3
  • number of notes 16
  • item no. 27823001
  • sound bars Pao Rosa,FSC™ certified,natural,35 mm x 18 mm
  • sound bar width 35 mm
  • sound bars thickness 18 mm
  • unit 1 piece

Manufacturer: Sonor
Model: SXP 1-1
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
SKU: I268106-N-0-B
UPC: 829193360773