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Tama 6.5" x 14" Walnut/Birch Snare Drum - Laquer Ocean Blue Ripple

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Experience a New Sonic Inspiration - The Tama 6.5" x 14" Walnut/Birch Snare Drum in Lacquer Ocean Blue Ripple

Tama's Starclassic series has become highly acclaimed and reinforced Tama's reputation as an exceptional drum maker since its 1994 launch. This series has inspired a personal connection to a modernized sound derived from various drum shell materials throughout its history: Maple, Birch, Bubinga, and Birch/Bubinga. Each shell material produced a tangible sonic difference, enabling drummers to select and personalize their own specific sound. For Tama, Starclassic has represented versatility, durability, and continuous sonic evolution using different wood shell materials.   

The evolution of Starclassic continues, and now - after intense analysis, rigorous research, development, and product testing – Tama has arrived at the latest Starclassic development, Starclassic Walnut/Birch. By analyzing the perfect ratio of walnut to birch, Tama was able to engineer a superior quality of low-to-mid frequency warmth that perfectly complements the clear attack and higher frequency projection of birch.  The rich/clear, cutting sound is familiar but distinctively different from Tama sounds of the past.  

The interior walnut shell ply includes a lacquer coating treatment, which adds an element of liveliness to the overall tone. Drum hardware includes die-cast hoops, Star-Cast Mounting System, and Quick-Lock brackets on the toms and floor toms. These features ensure precise tuning, crisp sonic attack, flexible adjustability, as well as overall rock-solid durability and stability.

The Starclassic series continues to represent Tama's extensive drum-making experience, wisdom, and pursuit to offer refined and differentiated drum sounds. Starclassic Performer Walnut/Birch defines Tama's commitment to evolve their sounds and inspire the contemporary drummer.


Bearing Edge

The shape of the edge is one of the most important factors which affect drum sound. Because the drum heads provide an important source of vibration, the shape of the contact point of the head and shell determines and defines the sound. This is why TAMA has worked so extensively on achieving the most functional shape for the drum head and edge.

This design, which creates a better fit between the drum head and bearing edge, maximizes the resonance of the drum. This bearing edge shape is part of our TAMA tradition and is crucial in providing TAMA's unique drum sound.

Shells (Walnut/Birch)

Made of 6mm, 4ply Birch + 2 inner ply American Black Walnut

The hybrid shell exhibits the focused attack of birch paired with the firm and warm of Walnut. This sound is not only punchy but sweet and mellow. When you beat the drums once, the excellent tone surrounds you. The Walnut/Birch hybrid shell will make your drum life state of the art.

Die-Cast Hoops (10-Hole)

Made of die-cast zinc, TAMA's die-cast hoops deliver an incredibly sharp, solid rim shot that cannot be found in any other hoop.

Manufacturer: Tama
Model: WBSS65LOR
SKU: I577000-N-1-WHXB
UPC: 4549763167088

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