Tama HT430BC 1st Chair Round Rider Trio Cloth Top Drum Throne

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A Comfortable Sear For Playing Beats: The Tama HT430BC 1st Chair Round Rider Trio Cloth Top Drum Throne

The Round Rider features a traditional and gently rounded cushion shape that is very popular due to its versatility. This Round Rider is features a newly designed cloth top seat.

Round Rider Seat- Lower profile PVC seams facilitate smooth leg motion, and a dimple on the bottom of the seat cushion provides soft but solid support that allows drummers to play at their best.

Newly Designed Cloth Top- The newly designed cloth top features a special fabric material that wicks away perspiration and prevents drummers from slipping while playing.

Seat Link- The new "Seat Link" casting securely grips the entire circumference of the throne’s upper rod with a nylon bushing.

1st Chair Height Adjustment- 1st Chair's height adjustment system which blend threaded rod throne with the T-bolt system offers easy and fast height adjustment.

Rocklok- TAMA's "Rocklok" features a specially designed Nylon Bushing at the bottom of the throne's threaded rod that prevents side-to-side motion within the base. This special feature provides exceptional durability and stability.

Foot Life- It's tough to imagine just how much weight and stress is on the rubber feet of your stand-until you see how often you have to keep replacing them. Not so with Foot Life. An innovative plastic leg attachment, Foot Life eliminates the wear and tear of metal to metal contact for longer foot life.

  • Height adjustable range: 485mm-655mm (19"- 25 4/4")

Manufacturer: Tama
Model: HT430BC
Warranty: See manufacturer website for details
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