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WMD MSCL Stereo Analog Compressor Module - Black

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Strongarm Your Signal with the WMD MSCL Stereo Analog Eurorack Compressor Module

MSCL is a stereo compressor in 4 hp designed for your master bus to help "glue" your mix together. Inspired by the DBX "Over Easy" style compressor, it features independent attack and release knobs, output gain, and an all-in-one knob function for compression which decreases threshold, increases gain and ratio all with one turn. Limit Switch allows MSCL to act more like a peak limiter. The threshold switch lets you compress signals of different amplitudes. It also features a side chain input for classic ducking sounds on stereo tracks.

  • Stereo Compressor in 4 HP
  • Sidechain input for classic ducking sounds
  • Easy and intuitive design
  • Threshold switch lets you compress modular level signals as well as lower level sources
  • Limit switch limits the makeup gain on the comp knob to make compressor act more like a peak limiter


  • Comp Knob
    • Adjusts makeup gain, threshold, ratio simultaneously
    • 1.25:1 to infinite:1 ratio
  • Attack Knob
    • Controls how fast the compressor will react to incoming transients
    • Attack Speed: 0.15ms/dB to 0.1s/dB
  • Release Knob
    • Controls the speed in which the compressor will release
    • Release Speed: 0.6ms/dB to 4s/dB
  • Gain Knob
    • Adds up to +-35dB on the output
  • Threshold Switch
    • Changes the threshold range
    • Three Ranges (Left to Right): +5dBu, -4dBu, -15dBu
  • Limit Switch
    • Limits the comp knob's makeup gain. Makes the MSCL operate more as a peak limiter
    • Three Selections (Left to Right): Inf, 9dB, 3dB


  • Power: +12V = 50mA; -12V = 50mA
  • Size: 4HP
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Input Impedance: 20k
  • Side Chain Impedance 100k
  • Output Impedance: 220 ohms
  • RMS and Adaptive Detector Response
  • Green/Red indicator for Gain/Reduction
  • AC Coupled signal pass
  • DC coupled bypass
  • AC coupled Sidechain
  • Warrantied for 12 months after purchase

Manufacturer: WMD
Model: MSCL_BK
SKU: I674444-N-1-WHXC
UPC: 857393003473

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